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Register For Spring

We hope you are having a great 2018 so far! 

We are excited to let you know that SPRING 2018 league registration is open! We also want you to know that all registration and league management for Co-Edge Sports leagues from SPRING 2018 onward will occur at our new website: 

Our new website will allow you to register for our leagues and events, manage your teams and rosters, check your schedules and locations, report your scores and much more. Please note that your WINTER 2018 league information has not moved and remains at 

To register and play with us this Spring, please take a moment and complete the following steps: 

1) Go to 
2) Enter the email address you used for your previous Co-Edge account. 
3) Leave the password blank. 
4) Click the "Sign In" button. 
5) You will then receive a confirmation email with a link that will allow you to complete any missing information, create a new password, set your opt-in status to receive emails from us, and approve our release form. 
6) After that, you will be all set to register and play in our Spring 2018 leagues! 

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