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Dodgeball Rules


  • Report all injuries which require medical attention and incidents if you desire official Co-Edge investigation.
  • Talk to the other team. Together, Co-Edge members can make a fun and safe playing environment.
  • It is the responsibility of both team captains to submit their scores online the day following game night. Visit and log in from there. Click here to check out a quick video on how to submit scores.
  • The purpose of dodgeball is to eliminate the opposing players from the game by hitting them with the ball (ideally below the shoulders). The team with the last person still in the game wins that game and receives a point.


  • To start a game, each team stands at their respective back wall. Three dodgeballs will be placed 5 feet back from the centre line on each half court.
  • A Co-Edge representative or team captain will start the match by shouting "READY, SET, DODGEBALL!"
  • Players will then rush to the balls.
  • Players may lean over the half-line to retrieve the ball but if a player accidently or intentionally places a whole body part (one finger, one foot, a knee, etc.) on the opponent's court, they are out. (If only a toe or a portion of their foot foes over the line and on to the opponent's court, they will not be disqualified).
  • Players may not remain static in areas that conceal or partially conceal their body. i.e. doorways, or equipment that may be in the gym.
  • Eliminated or sub players must not interfere with the play while sitting or standing on the sidelines.
  • A ball is considered 'dead' as soon as it hits the floor, wall, ceiling or any obstacle in the playing area. A player is NOT eliminated after being hit by a "dead ball".
  • Players cannot wear gloves while playing dodgeball.


  • Players may only be in possession of ONE ball at any given time. Holding a ball and kicking another ball to a teammate is considered legal.
  • Players may not keep possession of the balls in order to stockpile the ball on their side of the court.
  • Players must release a ball within 15 seconds of picking it up. If a player drops a ball and picks up another ball, the time count begins from the first ball they took possesion of.
  • Teams cannot use delay tactics by hoarding balls on their side of the court, or by choosing not to attack. Players may not simply avoid being hit without throwing. If there are balls on your side of the court, you must make a reasonable effort to take possession of a ball and eliminate the other team's players.
  • To eliminate a player, a 'live' ball must hit the player on any body part.Make sure that a player that has been hit by a 'live' ball raises their hand as they leave the court so that their opponents know not to hit them.
  • If it is down to 1 vs. 1, you will have 60 seconds to try and eliminate each other. If after 60 seconds no one has been eliminated, 1 player of the opposite sex of the person on the court for each team can return to the game. (No additional players will be allowed back on after another 60 seconds unless it is down to 1 vs. 1 again).


  • All throwing styles are legal except the following:
    • Throws made while jumping off the walls or bench
    • Kamikaze - jumping over the centre line and throwing the ball while in the air before landing on the opponent's side of the court. This is also called a suicide play.


  • Balls thrown that strike an opponent in the head (above the shoulders) will be counted as a hit and the player will be eliminated. HOWEVER, no player should be purposefully aiming for the head of their opponents. Any deliberate attempt to do so will not be tolerated.
  • If team captains agree beforehand to keep the "headshot" rule in effect for their games, meaning elimination to the player who threw the headshot, then that rule will stand.
  • The Co-Edge representative will have the discretion to disqualify player that are intentionally aiming for the heads of their opponents.


  • If a player catches a 'live' ball that is thrown at him/her - the thrower is eliminated.
  • In addition, the team who caught the ball may return a previously eliminated player back onto the court. Players who re-enter the game can be anyone and does not have to be based on the order they were eliminated, however, there are some exceptions to this rule:
    • When catching and bringing players back onto the court, you must work towards evening the gender ratio on the court - ie) if 1 male player is left and a catch is made, a female player must be the one to return to the court. Similarly, if 2 males and 1 female are on the court and a ball is caught, a second female must be brought on. Once there is a minimum of 2 males and 2 females on the court, you can bring either gender onto the court when a ball is caught. 
  • A player in possession of a ball can NOT catch another ball. However, if a player already in possession of a ball wants to catch another ball, they must first drop the one they are holding in order to catch another one. If that ball is caught, the opposing player throwing the ball is out as previously mentioned.
  • Players may dribble the ball they are holding as long as the ball has been securely caught beforehand.


  • Players may use a ball in their possession to block/deflect another ball thrown at them. However, if that player dropped the ball or it was knocked out of their possession, or if the ball hits any other part of their body after being deflected and then hits the ground - they are eliminated from the game.
  • You can save a teammate by catching a deflection in the air. For instance, if you are hit by a ball and your teammate catch the same ball in the air before hitting the ground, the opponent who threw the ball is eliminated.
  • If you deflect a ball thrown at you with a ball that you are holding, that ball is still considered "live" and, if caught by a teammate, will result in the thrower being eliminated. This can also back fire if your teammate fumbles the deflection, they are eliminated.
  • If you are hit by a ball and that ball hits your teammate and then hits the ground, the last person to be hit is out.


  • All players participating in Co-Edge leagues are expected to play with respect for everyone at the gym and with a "fun first" attitude. In dodgeball, there is an emphasis on the players knowing the rules and managing their own actions on the floor.


  • Remember that everyone is here to have fun.
  • Eliminate yourself if you've been hit! Don't try to get away with thinking no one else saw it. Not calling yourself to be eliminated is the ultimate in poor sportsmanship.
  • Promote fun and safety throughout the game. Congratulate your opponent on fun and fair play throughout the night!
  • Conduct yourself with maturity if approached regarding your style of play and make any requested changes.
  • If you are concerned about a player on the opposing team, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to talk to your team captain so he/she can address the issue.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  • Matches are 55 minutes in length. The remaining 5 minutes in the hour allows teams to exit the courts and for the next teams to enter and get ready to play their games.
  • Each game won will count for 1 point.
  • Eleven (11) "official" games will be played in total for the nights. Once 11 games have been reached, the score will freeze (for reporting) and the two teams may continue to play for fun with no tracking of games.
  • If a game is still being played when time expires, the team with the most players still in the game will win. If teams have the same number of players when time is called, the team who eliminates the next player wins.
  • For playoffs, regulation time is 50 minutes. if teams are tied at the end of regulation time - a 5-minute OT game will be played. The game will be played until a winner is declared.


  • All players and subs must complete a waiver before playing in our leagues. This is done by having your captain or the league admin add you to the team in LeagueApps .
  • Captains are responsible to ensure each member has completed the form.
  • The waiver covers liability and sportsmanship.
  • Refunds are generally not issued for players who sustain an injury and are unable to continue play in the league.


  • You must have a minimum of 8 players on your team, however, it is recommended that you have between 9-12 players on your roster as back-up in case some players can't make certain games.
  • A team can have a maximum of six players on the court. There must be a minimum of 2 males and 2 females on the court to start.
  • A minimum of FOUR players are needed to start and continue a game. One player must be the opposite sex of the other player. If you cannot field a minimum roster, the game will be recorded as an automatic default but you can still continue to play for fun!


  • A team may bring in subs that are not listed on the roster. Subs at any time must not have, or play at, a higher skill level than the player(s) they are replacing.
  • If you are playing on a night where games are being played before yours, or if a team in your gym offers to lend you any players, you may only borrow players to prevent yourself from defaulting. You cannot add players from a previous game or from other teams playing at your gym if it increases the number of players beyond a minimum roster, which is 4.
  • Teams may bring in subs for playoff games but these players must have played at least 2 games during the regular season with the team. There is one exception to this rule: your team is going to default due to a lack of players. In this case only, new players will be allowed to play but teams may only field a minimum full roster (see above).
  • It is each team's responsibility to NOT bring in "Ringers" for playoffs - respect your opponent and the league by making it a fair game!
  • If you recruit a sub, it is your responsibility to ensure they are ready to play (know the rules and have submitted a waiver).


  • Defaults should be prevented whenever possible.
  • All teams are to be ready to play at the time listed on the schedule.
  • A team will be penalized 1 game for every 5 minutes they cannot meet the minimum player requirements up to 15 minutes after the start time in which case they will default the match.
  • A default is a score of 11-0.
  • If a team defaults more than two times, Co-Edge has the right to eliminate the team from the league.

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