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Floor Hockey Rules


  • Play with control and be conscious of your surroundings.
  • Report all injuries which require medical attention and incidents if you desire official Co-Edge investigation.
  • Talk to the other team. Together, Co-Edge members can make a fun and safe playing environment.
  • It is the responsibility of both team captains to submit their scores online the day following game night. Visit and log in from there. Click here to check out a quick video on how to submit scores.
  • Captains are responsible for bringing ice packs or other first aid equipment for their team. Each facility Co-Edge uses has different rules and different availability for getting these materials. Safety is our number one priority and Co-Edge conveners will do everything tot get what an injured participant needs. but sometimes they are limited in what they can do/get in certain facilities. Each team should have their own materials, in case of emergency. Be advised Co-Edge conveners are not first-aid certified.


  • Co-Edge will provide all equipment needed to play including nets, sticks, balls, goalie masks, pads and goalie sticks.
  • Protective Gear: Players can opt to wear protective gear, this includes: shin pads (soccer shin pads or ball hockey shin pads, not ice hockey). work, batting or padded gloves (not ice hockey gloves), mouth guards and/or eyewear. We do not make the equipment mandatory because past history has shown players who wear protective gear tend to play more aggressively than those who don't.


  • All areas (wall, ceiling) are 'live'. The only exceptions are if a ball is dumped into an area that is not considered part of the playing floor (the stage, the player's bench, etc.). Icing and off-sides are not in effect.


  • A player from each team will face-off in the center of the gym and tap their sticks together 3 times before going for the ball.


  • Please keep your body and stick out of the playing area. Please store your bags, coats, etc. safely out of the way


  • Players may make substitutions "on-the-fly" as long as the player leaving the court is off before the new player enters the playing area.
  • Pulling the goalie for an extra attacker is not permitted.
  • A standard crease size is the width of the goals and 4' deep.
  • A player may not stand in the crease.
  • If a player is standing in the crease, the goalie may NOT contact the player.
  • Players may put their stick in the crease but cannot contact the goalie.Once the goalie has covered the ball, the play is dead.
  • Players may run through the crease but cannot make contact with the goalie.


  • If a goalie gains possession, they can:
    • Pass the ball immediately. The ball is considered live at this point.
    • Pick up the ball and drop it over their net to their own player; his/her team now has 3 seconds to put the ball in play. The opposing team may shadow the movement of the player with the ball but MUST NOT cross the goal line in pursuit of the ball until a 3 count has been given
  • A player cannot kick the ball into the net.


  • All players participating in Co-Edge leagues are expected to play with respect and a "fun first" attitude. In floor hockey, there is an emphasis on the players to know the rules and manage their own actions on the floor.


  • Remember that everyone is here to have fun. Hockey can be an intense and physical sport, however, Co-Edge's floor hockey league must be a fun, non-threatening environmnent.
  • Promote fun and safety throughout the game: yell "Corner!" when 2 players are running into the corner; yell "Goalie's ball" to prevent hacking at his hands; talk to your players who are not following the rules.
  • Conduct a good half-time meeting: talk to your team about your opponent; share these thoughts with the Co-Edge representative and opponents team captain; listen carefully to the feedback about your team; relay this message to your players and ensure that these changes are happening throughout the second half.
  • Provide constructive feedback to Co-Edge as needed, regarding gym conditions, unsportsmanlike play, or helpful comments.


  • If a player commits an infraction, the player or his teammates are EXPECTED to call it. You can call an infraction by apologizing to your opponent and stepping back from the play. If you have illegally taken the ball because of an infraction, give the ball back to them and resume play.
  • Moving Picks - A player cannot set up a "pick and roll" for their teammates.
  • Players may not run towards and into an opponent's running path with the intention to stop and draw contact. This is dangerous and not allowed.
  • Players making "Picks" are endangering themselves and their opponents. Any player caught making an intentional pick will be ejected from the game and/or suspended from the league.
  • High-Sticking - High sticking occurs when the stick of any player comes above their waist level. This includes incidents when the player is trying to knock the ball down, waving for a pass, or before/after a shot has been taken. Goals scored by a high-stick DO NOT COUNT. If a high-stick occurs, the non-offending team retains possession with an indirect shot from where the infraction occurred.
  • Hand Pass - You cannot pass the ball to your teammate by directing the ball to them with your hands. You may catch the ball, but you must drop the ball to the floor immediatley. Goalies are also restricted from throwing the ball to a teammate.
  • Any player may not use their hands to pick up the ball from the court during gameplay
  • Ball in the Corner - When two players are chasing the ball into the corner, the leading player must be given possession of the ball with the opponent standing at least a stick length away. The opposing player must no approach for 3 seconds and must count out "1,2,3" once the player has gained control of the ball.
  • Using the Body to Advance - A player cannot advance towards their opponent's goal by using their backside or bum as a shield. This includes protecting the ball with your back.
  • It is inevitable that there will be some incidental contact among players. However, any other contact, i.e. pushing, picks, etc., is not allowed. (You should not touch any other player with your body or your stick at any time on purpose, and you should do your best to avoid unnecessary contact with your body and your stick).
  • Sliding - Players cannot slide to block a shot, but they can go down to one knee.
  • Going Over the Top - A player cannot impede an opponent's progress by hooking or slashing over top of their stick.
  • Lifting the Stick - A player is permitted one chance to 'lift' their opponents stick while they are receiving a pass or in possession of the ball; repeated attemps is an infraction.
  • Goalies - Goalies are permitted to sweep their sticks around the side of the net unless it interferes with an individual's motion of play. Aggressive sweeping will be called a slash.
  • DO NOT HACK at the goalie while they are trying to gain possession of the ball.
  • Too Many Players - If a player comes out onto the floor before their teammate comes off, an infraction should be called.
  • Delay of Game - Any player who purposely shoots the ball out of bounds or deliberately fall on a ball to stop play has committed an infraction.
  • Players arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
  • Games are 55 minutes in length. The clock starts at the scheduled game time and teams should wam-up for no more than 5 minutes. Your game must end 5 mintues before the next one is scheduled to begin, regardless of what time your game actually started. Co-Edge conveners use their own time-keeping equipment as gym clocks may not be accurate on a week by week basis.
  • Co-Edge conveners will announce "one-minute left" before the end of each half and will subsequently blow the whistle to announce the end of that half.
  • Games consist of two 25 minute periods, with a 5 minute intermission.
  • In regular season games, ties are allowed - no overtime or shoot-outs.
  • The clock does not stop for any reason as each game must end on time.


  • All teams will qualify for 2 playoff games.
  • In playoffs, tied games will be broken by a shootout. 3 players from each team will take a penalty shot. One of 3 shooters from each team needs to be female. After three shots each, the team with the most goals wins. If the score remains tied, each team alternates shooters until the tie is broken per pair of shooters.
  • Teams are accountable for their actions in playoffs and are expectwd to maintain a high level of sportsmanship.
  • Please help make the game fun and safe.


  • All players and subs must complete a waiver before playing in our leagues. This is done by having your captain or the league admin add you to the team in LeagueApps .
  • Captains are responsible to ensure each member has completed the form.
  • The waiver covers liability and sportsmanship.
  • Refunds are generally not issued for players who sustain an injury and are unable to continue play in the league.


  • A full team is five players, one of whom shall be a goalkeeper.
  • Two players must be female. If a team has a female goalie she does NOT count towards the two female players.
  • Minimum of FOUR players needed to start and continue a game. One must be female. Zero females will be recorded as an automatic default but you can still continue to play for fun!
  • Complete and accurate team rosters must be submitted for each team. You must have a minimum of 8 players on your team, however, it is recommended that you have been 9-12 players on your roster as back-up in case some players can't make certain games.
  • If a team's goalie is injured during the game then there will be a short (2 minute) timeout to replace the goalie with either another player or another goalie if there is one present waiting for the next game.
  • A team may bring in subs that are not listed on the roster. Subs at any time must not have or play at, a higher skill level than the player(s) they are replacing.
  • You may only borrow players from the previous games to prevent your team from defaulting. You cannot add players from a previous game if it increases the number of players on the roster beyond a minimum roster.
  • Teams may bring in subs for playoff games but these players must have played at least 2 games during the regular season with the team. There is one exception to this rule: your team is going to default due to a lack of players. In this case, only, new players will be allowed to play but teams may only field a minimum full roster (see above).
  • It is each team's responsibility to NOT bring in "Ringers" for playoffs - respect your opponent and the league by making it a fair game!
  • If you recruit a sub, it is your responsibility to ensure they are ready to play (know the rules and have submitted a waiver).


  • Defaults should be prevented whenever possible.
  • All teams are to be ready to play at the time listed on the schedule.
  • Teams not meeting the minimum player requirements 15 minutes after start time will default the game.
  • A default is a score of 7-0.
  • If a team defaults more than two times, Co-Edge has the right to eliminate the team from the league.

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